VM005 is our version of a slip-on style. A hybrid between the VM002 and a classic loafer. It has our newly developed "Cloudy Cush" insoles and cute tassels for a smooth transfer between the skate session and the wedding party, which brings us to your next question "Are they skateable"... Yes they are...
VM005-Loafer (Dress Blues/Black)

VM005-Suede (Dress Blues/Black)

VM005-Lo Leather (Black/Black)

VM005 Black

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VM005-Loafer (Dusty Blue Black)

VM005 Suede

VM005-Loafer Leather (Dark Green/Black)

VM005 Dark Green

VM005-Loafer (Loganberry/Black)

VM005 Loafer (Loganberry/Black)